About us


Ke Ga, Phan Thiet, Ham Thuan Nam, Vietnam

Isolatedly located in Ke Ga Bay, about 15-minute drive south of Phan Thiet, Rock Water Bay Resort is beautifully designed on a 4 hectare beach area with its villas built on different heights to achieve a spectacular and panoramic views over the vast ocean. The resort features full amenities in spacious bungalows/villas for comfortable stays, refreshing salt water swimming pools where you can indulge yourself in its coolness and unwind relaxingly by the pool bar with a soothing cocktail in a large surrounding area. It also has a spa providing massage therapies that help you to rejuvenate and refill energy after a tiring day of sightseeing or taking adventurous tour in neighbor areas.


The whole resort was impressively built with creative and modern design, somewhat like Mediterranean architecture and nicely decorated with colorful flower bushes, fresh green lawns and cool-shade trees along the paved paths making itself a worth venue for a true rest and relax.


Being in a secluded beach bay, it offers complete privacy and is suitable for couples, friend groups, adventurers or those who are seeking a tranquil hide-away from the bustle of the city life.